East Coast Mini Classics
East Coast Mini Classics East Coast Mini Classics
East Coast Mini Classics
East Coast Mini Classics
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We have been building Mini vehicles since 1996. Our Primary Fabricating business has been around for 30+ years and growing each year. We are a Family owned  company  with many talented  Fabricators and designers. From  Computer Aided Design (CAD)  to state of the art technologies and equipment, we have it all. Most of all we have Pride and Quality set at the highest priority. We are very fortunate to be able to build high end,custom, quality toys for people like yourself. 

Our resources are widespread in many areas, used in our Hy-tech business of manufacturing and building prototypes for many large local companies. Our designing knowledge gives us the leading edge in the recreational
ride-on and ride-in vehicle market. Our vehicles are not considered go-karts, they are exact, scaled down, motorized models that can be used
for a number of tasks. The most common is riding them around and showing them off. The second is practical use around the business and home, doing yard chores while enjoying the uniqueness and cleverness, especially our variety of working trucks and Jeep models.
 We are currently selling many units to repeat buyers that are collecting all of our models to add more fun and atmosphere to there car collection. We have more and more collectors getting involved each year, some have as many as 15 of our vehicles and ordering more regularly. It must be the kid in us that makes most of our customers return to buy another. Many customers contact us after recieving there vehicle thanking us for a great job we did and comment on the high quality of workmanship.

Our unique vehicles somewhat compare with the ATV Industry because they share similar caracteristics and mechanical challenges that require having many working components in a compact area. This is especially true when it comes to suspension and optimal ground clearance. Low maintenance components are always a concern here at ECMC because we want you to enjoy years of vehicle service with very little maintenance. Using high quality components eliminates maintenance and repair cost.

The cost of our vehicles are much the same as ATVs as well, because of the similar mechanics, however ATVs and similar recreational vehicles loose value (depreciate) rapidly do to the high quantities built. Because of the uniqueness and few number of units built by us, our vehicles do not depreciate, in fact they increase in value in just a few years. We serial #all our units to identify them properly for collecting reasons and of coarse for warranty and parts identifying.
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